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Epoch's Logistical Engineers and Analysts have a long history of supporting DoD programs by providing our clients with solutions to parts obsolescence and high cost issues on components. Our engineers provide our clients with everything from identifying possible problems to designing alternative options for diminishing parts availability. They also identify reliability problems and are able to suggest, install, test and, document alternative solutions.

A summary of the technical support offered by our Logistics Engineers follows:
Manufacturing Source Availability Support

· Addressing (identification and correction) of availability issues

· Reviewing avionic component obsolescence data for forecasting

· Researching alternate vendors and parts

· Researching alternate material composition

Reliability Analysis Support

· Reviewing reliability and maintainability data for reliability predictions and failure   trends

· Investigating component reliability/failure issues

· Investigating quality deficiency reports

· Investigating material deficiency reports

· Reviewing repair plans/procedures/reports

Test & Documentation Support

· Testing first articles

· Reviewing qualification test plans/procedures/reports

· Performing preventative maintenance

· Performing fault detection and isolation

· Updating/reviewing technical orders, drawings, specifications, and manuals

Additionally, Epoch has extensive expertise in the Technical and Logistical Advisory role on various system platforms. These systems are bench tested to ensure reliability and to trace and correct errors. Our Logistical Engineers are constantly evaluating the overall life cycle of these systems.